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Welcome on the website of the

Marche Européenne du Souvenir et de l’Amitié

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… a large-scale sports and friendly event, organized annually in June by the Belgian Defense and the partner cities of the Province of Luxembourg …

… more than 10.000 walkers, of any ages, civilians and servicemen, who discover together the most beautiful paths of the Ardennes…

… a region which mobilizes enthusiastically to welcome ardently the hikers and the nature lovers, putting at their disposal all the wealth of its heritage and its traditions …

… an occasion to remember that not so long ago, cities and villages paid a heavy toll to the war and that their inhabitants, just like the fighters, often behaved like as heroes …

Our objectives

1. Strengthening the ties between the army and the nation.

2. Promoting sport for all and improving fitness, especially by walking.

3. Maintenance of the duty of remembrance in honor of the victims of the two World Wars.

4. Highlighting the historical and tourist heritage of the crossed entities.


And as its name indicates it,

the MESA is first of all a


and friendship

of memory

European march