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European March of Memory and Friendship

General Conditions for participation

The 55th edition of the European March of Memory and Friendship will take place from 21 to 24 June 2022. Do you feel like joining us this year for this upcoming huge celebration of sport, friendship and memory?

In this case you’ll find below the necessary information, which we recommend you to read attentively till the end.

  1. Formulas of participation
    1. You can choose among FOUR formulas of participation:
      1. for those walking the FOUR days :
        Formula A – called « All In » : includes the march, but also the accommodation, all meals and the transportation by bus in the morning towards the departure area and at the end of the march back to the camp.

        For accommodation, you have the choice beween military tent (to be confirmed), personal tent, mobil home or caravan.
        Formula B – called « Meals & Transportation » : includes the march, but also the meals in a MESA camp, and the transportation (from the vicinity of the camp) up and down. For your accommodation, you are autonomous and you make your own arrangement. Your participation card will be distributed to you is your reference camp.
        Formula C – called « Transportation » : includes the march and the transportation (from the vicinity of the camp) up and down. You make your own arrangement for your accommodation and meals.
      2. for those walking ONE to FOUR days in full autonomy:
        Formula D – called « Full autonomy » : includes only the march, but you are completely autonomous for your accommodation, meals and transportation.

    2. Important remark: for the three first formulas, you are attached to ONE SINGLE camp for the entire period; in other words, it is not allowed to move from one camp to another during the period of the event.
  2. Courses
    1. The FOUR cities that are hosting a course in 2022 are successively Martelange (21 June), Arlon (24 June), Vielsalm (23 June) and Houffalize (24 June).
    2. FOUR distances are foreseen every day: one loop of about 32 km (called « MESA »), one loop of about 24 Km, another loop of about 16 km (called « mini-MESA »), and a 8 km line.
    3. Those who choose the distance of 8 km will walk on the same itinerary as the 16 km till the big halt, and will thereafter be transported back to the departure area by a bus shuttle.
    4. As in 2019 and 2021, during the second day, in Arlon, the MESA is organizing a 24 km long TRAIL in the region. The followers of this discipline or those who wish to discover it will enjoy it! The registration is also online via the website of the MESA or on the day itself in the starting area.
    5. For the hikers, a « big halt » is organized halfway, but there are also additional supply points at different places on the course.
  3. Lodging Camps
    1. This year, three MESA camps will be settled: the first one will be managed by the campsite BENELUX of La Roche-en-Ardenne (reservation made for 600 campers of the MESA). The second is a campsite organized by the management committee of the Sports Hall of Houffalize (300 campers Max) and e camp run by soldiers for soldiers with a few places for civilians in Bastogne.
    2. The THREE camps have a limited capacity regarding both accommodations in military tents, as well as (parking) space for camper vans, caravans and private tents. Available places will therefore be allocated in chronological order of confirmed registration (your registration will only be confirmed after reception of your payment on our bank account). The soldiers walking the 4 days in service will be automatically registred at the Bastogne camp.
  4. Transportation
    1. Only those who have taken the A, B or C formula are authorized to take the « MESA busses » that will ride between the camps and the start/end area.
    2. Those who are fully autonomous (formula D) join the start/end area with their own means. This is therefore the only option for those walking ONE day.
  5. Registration
    1. Registration is only done online (Internet). It is always possible afterwards to adapt your data as long as you remain within the registration deadlines by sending an email to the address : .
    2. All the formulas of registration are opened from April 1st until June 6th. After this date, the only possibility to register for one or more courses is with the formula D (complete autonomy), until June 13 online also on the same day at the start of the stages.
    3. Online registration is the easiest way to do it and certainly the fastest, and happens via the website of the MESA . You will receive an "identification number" and a "structured number", the latter being to be used in the window of communication of your bank payment.
    4. If you make a grouped payment for several people (more than 2), it is absolutely required to send an email to the secretary MESA providing the list of the participants covered by your payment and the formula (A, B, C, or D) corresponding to each of them. Otherwise, it is quite difficult for the secretariat to identify the link between a payment and the related participants.
    5. Whatever the registration procedure, when the MESA registry has received your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. With your registration number
      If you do not have an email address, the confirmation will be delivered to you through the post.
      Those who have opted for formula A (All in), B (Meal & Transport) and C (transport) will receive their MESA card will be given to them on the day of their arrival during the check in at the reception of the camp to which you are attached. For formula D, it must be removed from the connect queue at the MESA secretariat in the start/finish area.


  1. Cancellassions and refunding
    1. Cancellassions by the Walker
      1. For the formulas A, B and C, any request for a cancellation of registration needs to be sent by email or by post, and not later than 06 June 2022. Within this deadline, the fee will be totally refunded.
      2. Between 5 and 19 June, only 50% of the fee will be refunded, and at the condition that a medical certificate signed by a doctor is provided with the request.
      3. After 19 June, no more cancellation will be reimbursed, due to the fact that all costs will have been definitively committed to the services and companies contracted by the organization.
    2. Cancellassions by the Organizations
      1. In case of a cancellation by the organization (for example for security reasons), the walkers will be able to choose between a voucher for edition 2023 or a 100% refund, or part of it, depending on the number of cancelled courses.
  2. Insurances
    1. As every year, a collective insurance against accidents will be contracted by the organization of the MESA. It covers the walkers in case of bodily injury in the frame of the event.

      The warranties and the insured amounts are the same as in 2020 and are the following:
      1. Medical costs mentioned in the price list of the INAMI : up to 100%  of the price list ;
      2. Dental prosthesis : maximum per accident = 500 € ; maximum per tooth = 125 €
      3. Transportation costs of the victim : same calculation as for an accident at work
      4. Funeral cots : up to 620 €

The costs exceeding these amounts fall to the walker himself and may not be charged to the organization.

    1. The liability of each walker remains engaged in case of individual or material damage when caused by him to other persons or materials.

  1. Privacy
    1. The personal data provided during the registration process will remain confidential and will never leave the frame of the organization of the event.
    2. If a walker refuses that a picture showing himself – or one of his children – amongst a group of less than FIVE people, is published on the website of the MESA or on the Facebook page, or is used for the promotion of a future edition of the MESA, he needs to inform in writing the MESA secretary. He is also requested to send an ID picture allowing us later on to identify the concerned person. Otherwise, the use of the picture is considered as authorized. 

For all questions and/or concerns relating to your registration, your payment, the letters received, send a email to the MESA office giving your registration number.

When proceeding for the registration, you admit having acquainted yourself with the points mentioned above and you accept them.

Dear walker, we are looking forward to seeing you again in our beautiful Belgian Ardennes for this 55th edition of the MESA that seems to become an unforgettable moment.

Best greetings

Didier Ameeuw


Director MESA

MESA website:

Postal Address :                 Secretary MESA

Camp Roi Albert 1er

65, route de Liège

6900 Marche-en-Famenne

Email :

Bank account                     Code IBAN : BE28 0689 0480 5620


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